Mutual Funds Distribution

We are Amfi registered Mutual Funds Distributors and offer non biased investments with all Mutual Funds houses. Below are few Advantages of getting associated with us:

An organized and planned approach
MF provides the most organized and judiciously planned approach to your wealth planning. it is an instrument that is sure to give wings to your wealth creation dreams.

MF charges and fees
Here at TPIS we don’t charge fee for your dreams and thus MF investments do not carry fees.

Types of Mutual Funds
There is a wide variety of mutual funds to consider. A major fund Types are:
Bond Funds
Stock Funds
Balanced Funds
Index Funds
Hybrid funds
Debt Funds

Low Fees or Expenses
Mutual funds with relatively low expense ratios are generally always desirable, and low expenses do not mean low performance.
Consistently Good Performance
Most investors utilize investing in mutual funds as part of their retirement planning. Therefore, investors should select a fund based on its long-term performance, not on the fact that it had one really great year.

Sticking to a Solid Strategy
The best-performing funds perform well because they are directed by a good investment strategy. Investors should be clearly aware of the fund’s investment objective and the strategy the fund manager uses to achieve that objective.

Trustworthy, with Solid Reputations
The best funds are perennially developed by well-established, trustworthy names in the mutual fund business, such as Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and Company, and the Vanguard Group.