We do offer the insurance services from the top Insurance providers across the Industry. We understand the needs of our clients and offer personalized insurance solutions to our clients. The solutions that are not only cost effective but the once’s that are customized to the needs of the end user (and not the other way round)


“Insurance is a God’s grace on earth, it helps you when you need it .. The most”. Right insurance at the right time can minimize can fetch you right remedies for rest of life. You can not prepared for unforseen but it’s uncertainty and it is certain. Insurance provides with that umbrella so that the storm can be minimized to showers.

  • Life Insurance : “You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.” – Unknown author. Life is priceless doesn’t mean – it has no valuation. We say its precious with Value that is your worth.
  • General Insurance : General Insurance is not generally understood by the people so easily. The General Insurance is that small part of your expenditures that though like expense proves to be a great savior in bad times. By just routing a small amount from your pocket into ours you can enjoy a worry free life. This spending today is your strength tomorrow.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE : Some facts you can’t deny…
    In India 80% of payment of medical expenses is out-of-pocket of customers compared to 3% in UK
    Less than 15 percent of people in India have some form of health insurance coverage
    More than 40 percent of the people hospitalized had to borrow money / sell assets to cover expenses
    A quarter of those hospitalized fall below the poverty line post- hospitalization because of high costs

    Other common insurance types that we offer to our clients:

  • Accidental Insurance
  • PROPERTY/HOUSE Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Overseas Travel Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance